3-Day Quotes Challenge: Day 2 Movies lines about love

Two months ago (two months! Has it been that long?), Jessica at Elldimensional challenged me to do the 3-Day Quotes. She’s done it wonderfully. I suggest to hop over and have a look.

This was harder for me than I thought. I just could not find that many lines about love to share…perhaps because the actions and expressions in movies convey love more than song lyrics, poetry and prose do.  Movie lines without the action and background often seem…flat to me. So here’s what I’ve got for you:

hes just not that into you
Practical Magic love

Sabrina movie quote love


As part of this challenge, I have to nominate three other bloggers to take up the challenge. They aren’t obliged to take the challenge, but let’s hope they do:-)

I nominate:

Melissa – The Anxious Canadian

BreakDown Chick

Katherine Reynolds

I’m also curious about what’s your favorite movie love quote/line 😀

I gotta say...

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