He who drinks…He who thinks…

So Wee Brother recently hit a big milestone birthday-wise and I belatedly realised I’d not written him a story. I’d done this for our big sis, creating a little handmade book. I don’t know if she cared for it, but Wee Brother will.


Because it will begin with these words — and subjects dear to his heart. I have the opening, I have the genre. Now all I have to do is write the thing, write it out neatly, paint a cover and find some way to bind it. Delivery will prove a little troublesome, but there’s a mynah bird I could ask nicely. Not quite as good as a raven, but similar tendencies.

He who drinks

I need some help though, and that’s where you come in.

Do you think (no frowns, please) that The Hero (Wee Brother) should be:

And if you like this you can find it on Redbubble here

I gotta say...

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