Design and Services Menu

Author’s Graphics and Assistance


Basic includes 1 change, 1 web res jpeg and 1 print res (on request).

Premium includes 3 changes, 1 hi-res, 1 web-res jpeg and 1 print res (on request)


Book Covers:

 Basic: 1 stock photo + basic font, 4 hours design time + 1 minor change within a month.

Premium: up to 4 stock photos composited + enhanced font and 10 hours design time + 3 minor changes within a year. Premium includes two FREE teasers per a title.
50% deposit required before work on covers undertaken.


Other design materials including headers for blogs/facebook also undertaken

Marketing and Author Assistant Services:

Press Release/info sheet 



Digital artwork for promo materials including bookmarks, notebooks
and Points of Sale

Reading of material to pull marketing info 

Technical Help:

Typesetting of ebooks for upload to Smashwords or Amazon Kindle (word document or .odt file) provided. Linking content included + sorting out of bugs to get onto Smashwords Premium Catalogue.



Please fill the form for a quote:

Thank you for your interest.




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