Interview: Jackie Johansen from YourWordsElectric

I started as a copywriter and what I had found over and over was the women who hired me were natural writers but didn’t know how to get the words on the page. They struggled to see their own ability. I found that getting clear on the core message was so empowering because the rest fell into place. My work shifted to helping guide them to find this keystone. Astrology naturally fit in this process.

Am I The Only One…

…who thinks Banksy is clairvoyant, or something?

Uploaded to Youtube in May 2019 by Banksy

Less than two weeks later…as reported in

I must admit, I didn’t see this coming. Travel is great. Destroying stuff in the process is not. Makes me rethink where and how I’d like to travel next…Perhaps to see the next Banksy, I hope!